Monday, 26 January 2009

This last year we started a new Physical Education Programme - an after-school soccer clinic.
The children' soccer skills have progressed enormously, and siblings & parents were also invited to attend & become involved in all aspects.

In an alternative initiative specialized balls( covered in bubbles & webbing ) were purchased for children with gross motor disabilities & those in wheelchair, so they could be included & extend their physical activities.

A new organic vegetable garden was established & is maintained by the students , school nurses , teaching staff & 2 part time gardeners. The children have planted , watered , tended & harvested. the produce is eaten by the students , included in cooking classes and taken home to their families. This programme heightens the the children's ability to have healthy choices & prepare their own food.

We hosted several Healthy Lunchbox luncheon's for the whole school community - staff , students and their families. These were very successful ,and parents participated in cooking food & helping out on the day preparing nutritional food suitable to be included in lunch-boxes.
We also produced a recipe book which was launched at one of the luncheons.
We followed this up with a Nutritional Educator present The Power Of Nutrition seminar for the whole school.

Our first initiative for Physical Activity was to purchase 2 T-ball sets - one metal & one plastic. This not only provides physical activity for the children but also introduces them to "fair play ", taking turns and all that comprises of our school ethos.

Our school officially became a "Crunch & Sip " school in 2007 and it is now a school policy & part of the school daily routine. Parents participate in sending fruit & vegies in every day & this is shared by the students at morning tea.

Our " Schools Partnerships In Total Health " follows the Health Promoting Schools Framework & promotes nutrition , prevention of obesity amongst children & providing a safe & stimulating environment that promotes physical activity for all students irrespective of their disabilities.

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