Monday, 26 January 2009

This last year we started a new Physical Education Programme - an after-school soccer clinic.
The children' soccer skills have progressed enormously, and siblings & parents were also invited to attend & become involved in all aspects.

In an alternative initiative specialized balls( covered in bubbles & webbing ) were purchased for children with gross motor disabilities & those in wheelchair, so they could be included & extend their physical activities.

A new organic vegetable garden was established & is maintained by the students , school nurses , teaching staff & 2 part time gardeners. The children have planted , watered , tended & harvested. the produce is eaten by the students , included in cooking classes and taken home to their families. This programme heightens the the children's ability to have healthy choices & prepare their own food.

We hosted several Healthy Lunchbox luncheon's for the whole school community - staff , students and their families. These were very successful ,and parents participated in cooking food & helping out on the day preparing nutritional food suitable to be included in lunch-boxes.
We also produced a recipe book which was launched at one of the luncheons.
We followed this up with a Nutritional Educator present The Power Of Nutrition seminar for the whole school.

Our first initiative for Physical Activity was to purchase 2 T-ball sets - one metal & one plastic. This not only provides physical activity for the children but also introduces them to "fair play ", taking turns and all that comprises of our school ethos.

Our school officially became a "Crunch & Sip " school in 2007 and it is now a school policy & part of the school daily routine. Parents participate in sending fruit & vegies in every day & this is shared by the students at morning tea.

Our " Schools Partnerships In Total Health " follows the Health Promoting Schools Framework & promotes nutrition , prevention of obesity amongst children & providing a safe & stimulating environment that promotes physical activity for all students irrespective of their disabilities.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Carson St School is a “CRUNCH & SIP “school and is committed to promoting healthy food that contain more nutrients that satisfy appetites better.
We participate in Fruit & Veg week, Go 2 + 5 and we're looking forward to Natural Nutrition Week - 'Falling in love with Food October 15 - 21, 2007'
To help create a holistic approach to eating healthy we have created a small organic vegetable garden that the children have lot's of 'hands on' experience with.
They can see where basic healthy and nutritious food comes from and they are involved in planting, watering and tending the vegetables. The vegetables and salads are picked and used for morning tea and lunch and also during cooking classes.
We should be aware that our bodies are constantly moving, digesting, breathing, controlling temperature removing waste manufacturing new cells, fighting infection, and many more.
Children have more needs as they are constantly growing at a fast rate and are constantly moving, playing, learning and creating. Children’s stomachs are smaller and they require foods full of nutrients and good food to snack on all day.

LUNCHBOXES The children’s lunch boxes carry their morning tea and lunch and should contain healthy food choices. In addition we like to have fruit, vegetables, and a bottle of water available for children to access any time during the day.

SANDWICHES. Use a variety of breads & rolls. Wholemeal, rye, flat breads, pita & occasional fibre enriched white. Cut sandwiches into rectangles, triangles and fingers..
Fillings: try and think of ideas to use more vegetables and salads.

Here are a few examples.

CHEESE with Chutney, grated carrot and lettuce + parsley
Zucchini, sliced mushrooms, and avocado
Ricotta cheese plus salad or vegies.
Cottage Cheese and Pickle.

EGGS Add; lettuce and fresh herbs, parsley.
Cucumber and lettuce
Salad cream/ mayonnaise, celery or mustard, or curry powder.

MEATS: Only use chicken, turkey, meats and fish in lunchboxes that you know are fresh and cooked through, and have been kept in the fridge. If you have any doubts about how they have been stored, don’t use them

Chicken – plus mayonnaise, chopped celery & parsley
Salads (all variety)
Chutneys or relish
Turkey –plus relishes, all salads
Cranberry sauce and cucumber

Cold meat -+ mustard, tomato, & parsley (See other salad ideas)
Lean ham- + fruit chutney, or + mustard, tomato, cucumber

Canned salmon / tuna + lettuce, tomato, & grated carrot
Tuna + mayonnaise & pineapple
Tuna + lettuce, avocado.
* wrap & freeze tuna sandwich (without lettuce) to keep tuna aroma under control

Hummus, grated carrot tabouli, cucumber in wholemeal pita bread & rolled up.
Vegetables any variety – make up new combinations.
Parmesan cheese
Peanut paste, sliced apple, bean sprouts, sultanas
( NOTE: Any peanut allergies )

Alternatives to bread.
Crispbreads, crackers, pikelets, pancakes, quiche (kept cold),
Mini pizzas, salmon / tuna patties, vegetable pie,

VEGETABLES wash & dry thoroughly with a paper towel or a clean cloth. Pack vegetables in a small container - plastic bags or snap lock bag to keep fresh.

SALADS. Ask your child for their favourites.
Try carrot , celery, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, snow peas, peas, zucchini, lettuce, button mushrooms, parsley & herbs.

FRUITS Tasty & nutritious.
Apples - whole or cored & cut up into quarters / slices. lemon stops them going yellow.
Chopped fruit in a container. Grapes, strawberries, orange segments, bananas, mandarins, stone fruits in season. Nectarines, plums, melons, pears, mangos, apricots.
Fruit from a can ( unsweetened ) large range.

SNACKS All Vegetables and Fruits
Muffins – add mashed or diced fruits & grated vegetables.
Fruit loaf. Scones – pumpkin or fruit, Pikelets and pancakes. Pita bread - cut into triangles, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake in a hot oven until crispy
Home made pizza use Lebanese bread , tomato paste, vegies & cheese.
Crisp bread or weetbix with margarine & vegemite.
Rice crackers & reduced fat cheese, cottage cheese and ricotta.
Small tub of yoghurt ( low fat).
Small ring pull can of baked beans, with wholemeal bread
A container of cheery tomatoes, chunks of Lebanese cucumber + carrot sticks.
Cheese slices, wrap sticks.
Dried food – fruits nuts & beans (Check school policy on nuts!)

The information on these pages will be updated at regular intervals

The Carson Street Tucker Blog will inform what's best to bring them up healthy and strong ............